Corporate Social Responsibility


Ghani Glass Limited - Code of Conduct

Child Labor

We prohibit employment of labor below the age of 15 years.

Forced Labor and Prison Labor

We prohibit recourse in any form whatsoever, to slavery servitude for debit and forced or compulsory Labor as well as products or services created by these means.

Safety and Health

We promote safety and health at work and strive to avoid all types of Labor which, by its nature or the condition under which it is carried out, might compromise safety and health.

Compensation and Working Hours

We believe in compliance with local Labor laws regarding remuneration, working hours and working condition.

Freedom of Association

We respect the workers, right to have a Collective Bargaining Agent and deal with them according to the requirements of local Labor laws.


We endeavor to reduce environmental pollution on a continuous basis to meet the applicable environmental regulations.


We prohibit discrimination, and in particular, racial, ethical, religious or gender discrimination.

Harassment or Abuse

We prohibit all practices of gender or psychological harassment.
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Contributions in the Education and Health Sector

  • Message Foundation School, Izmir Town, Pakistan
    Over 400 students being educated in this higher secondary school.
  • Chandbagh School and College, Muridke, Pakistan
    Full boarding school with over 1000 students
  • Al Ghani Trust School, Pasroor, Pakistan
    Over 175 students getting free education till Metric level
  • Free financial assistance and education for convicts in Jails
    • Supporting financially the prisoners whose punishment is over but are not free because of not being able to pay off the financial penalty imposed by the court of law
    • Regular classes for prisoners (Adult and children) for hygiene awareness, basic religion teachings and Prayers and Quran teachings
    • Training on how to become a useful member of the community once out of jail. Character building courses
  • Iftikhar Ghani Trust Dispensary
    Over 100 non affording patients being treated and provided free medicine on daily basis.
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Focus on Environment Protection

  • All plants have been controlled for emission free furnaces.
  • All plants are ISO 14001:2004 certified.
  • Systematic and independent examination on safety and health, annually.
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CSR for Employees

  • Six persons in each year are selected through random balloting and sent to perform Holy Hajj at the expense of the respective companies of the group.
  • The Group operates funded contributory provident fund scheme for its employee and contributors, based on salaries of the employee.
  • GGL encourages and promotes the employees to participation in sports and various extracurricular activities.
  • GGL provides meals for its entire workforce at all plants, head office and marketing office.
  • There are mosques at each plant and head office for praying and to learn teachings of Religion.
  • Medical facilities for workers, loan without interest and first aid (for plant workers) are also provided to the employees.
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CSR for Labor Class        

  • Installation of Water Coolers as CSR Campaign in all Glass Markets Nationwide

    In continuation of Ghani Social Welfare and Family Support Program & keeping in view the need of cold water as a basic necessity in hot weather, company also launched another mega project of installing Water coolers in all glass markets throughout the nation to facilitate the people with cold water. Along with water coolers, the tanks were also been fixed to insure the continuous supply of cold water throughout the day on permanent basis. All the beneficiaries especially the workers like Loaders, Fitters and Drivers etc. appreciated this activity of providing and fixing these water coolers a lot.
  • Ghani Social Welfare & Family Support Program
           Ghani Glass limited, being a corporate company of Pakistan always owns its national responsibility to addresses the issues of labor class associated with glass                        industry (workers, loaders, un-loaders, fitters, and drivers etc.)

           It launched a mega project under the flagship name of “Ghani Social Welfare & Family Support Program” with its commitment to serve for the prosperity of Low                              Income Bracket people interrelated with glass industry through out the country like:

  1. First Aid and Fire Safety Point
  2. Ghani Health & Safety Camps
  3. Ghani Fund Brae Hadsat
  4. Ghani Khidmat Hafaz Program
  5. Tarbiyat o Agahi Program